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Water, the most plentiful natural resource on earth, has been a supporting actor on the worldwide stage of life far longer than most of us remember. In our lifetimes, however, we have relied on this valuable resource to help develop nations into international competitors, to grow crops for worldwide populations, and to quench our thirsts, whether we are working hard or playing hard. So, for some, it is very difficult to imagine that a world made up of so much water is running out of the drinking kind.

SWE is a U.S. based company that uses solar energy to efficiently convert raw water into fresh water and stored energy into electricity. We have been awarded two U.S. patents that enable us to convert the natural resources of ocean/contaminated water and solar energy to
  • Provide the world with abundant resources of fresh water Solar Distillation System 6,494,995 B1
  • Generate renewable energy Solar Thermal Energy Conversion System 7,127,849 B2.
The need for cost effective solutions to help solve worldwide shortages of fresh water and electrical power is greater than ever. At Solar Water Energy, we are doing something about it. We provide Green Solutions for a Thirsty World.

Solar Water Energy, has patented a new and exciting technology that converts saline water, brackish water, seawater, and most contaminated water into pure water utilizing solar energy. The Solar Distillation System combines water desalination technology and solar power to make fresh water and render it as potable water for irrigation or industrial use. Water purification plants can be constructed On-shore and off-shore. In addition, the solar thermal energy stored in each plant is circulated and reused again and again. The surplus heat in the system produces electrical power through a Solar Thermal Energy Conversion System, the second patent owned by SWE. The excess thermal energy also can improve the efficiency of existing power generating plants. Construction, operation and maintenance costs of plants are very competitive when compared to reverse osmosis.

If we make a comparison with reverse osmosis to solar water energy then you can come up with the conclusion, how our solar distillation water system is better than other water desalination systems. On-shore Desalination Plant and Off-shore Desalination Plant is our major advantage with cost effective solutions.

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